The home of the Hobbit® stove

Client:Salamander Summer Houses
Date:June 27, 2014

Summer Houses

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Summerhouse with Hobbit stove and flue kit


1 x 1000mm single wall flue pipe vitrelux matt finish
1 x 500mm single wall flue pipe vitrelux matt finish
1 x stainless steel joint clip
1 x 100mm diameter single wall vitrelux to 125mm diameter HT-S twin wall adaptor.
1 x 1000mm twin wall stainless HT-S flue pipe.
1 x 30 degree stainless steel trim plate.
1 x HT-S 125mm 30 degree aluminium roof plate flashing.
1 x HT-S 125mm aluminium storm collar.
1 x HT-S 125mm stainless steel standard cowl.

The wall behind the stove has been shielded using fire rated plaster board to reduce the distance the stove is adjacent to the wall. The safe distance being 200mm from a shielded wall and 400mm from a combustible wall.