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thermo electric power generator
generate electric power from your woodburnerphone charger from a woodburning stoveSTOVE TOP POWER SUPPLY OR CHARGING YOUR MOBILE DEVICESstove top power generator - the miniostove top power generator - the miniothermo electric powerstove top power

STOVE TOP POWER GENERATOR.- miniO + light combo deal saving £11.95!

£64.95 inc.VAT

Simply fill with water and place on your woodburning or camping stove and you soon start to produce your own electricity. Included in this special introductory off is a handy USB cable desk/camping/off grid lamp. Charge your phone and see the light with the new MiniO power generator. Power from your woodburner.

Product Description

The MiniO power generator allows you to maximize the heat output of your woodburning stove. The chance to capture and harness the energy produced to charge your phone, tablet and mobile devices.

Effectively using your stove to charge your phone for free.

Perfect for off grid living.

Ideal for tiny home owners, canal boat owners and cabin dwellers. Or just in your front room whilst keeping warm you can charge your phone for free.

Perfect for taking to festivals as you can use it on a gas stove , Brilliant on camping trips as an emergency source of electricity.

Eco-friendly as it utilises the full heat potential of your stove.

Be carbon negative rather than only neutral by harnessing the thermo electric potential of your stove with the MiniO power generator.




thermo electric power generator


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