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The home of the Hobbit® stove

Log cabin stove Installation Kit

£575.00 inc.VAT

This flue kit has everything you need to install your small stove in a log cabin or similar building. It was born out of a collaboration between Salamander Stoves and the design marvel that heads up the design team on Plum Pictures hit show ‘George Clarke’s Amazing spaces‘, William Hardie. Together we designed the flue kit for his woodland retreat amazing shed. Read more

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This flue kit was born out of a collaboration between Salamander Stoves and the design marvel that heads up the design team on Plum Pictures show ‘George Clarke’s amazing spaces‘, the one and only William Hardie. His design twists and human powered technologies are what makes the program tick.

The show airs in a prime time slot for a 9 episode series in which it focuses on the wild and the wacky, the beautiful and the most bizarre amazing small amazing spaces you can find. Our little Hobbit stove is at the bottom of this flue kit so we hope it works well in a space where the walls can be removed by rolling them down? (This may have a detrimental impact on the draw and the stove may well smoke a little when the door is opened for refuelling.)

Due to the location of the retreat which is quite literally bang in the middle of a clearing in the middle of the woods, surrounded by tall tree’s which took the sensible measure of incorporating an anti-down draught cowl on the top of the twin wall flue section which was exiting the corrugated roof. The short height of the entire system was also considered as benefiting from this addition.

The exit for the flue was shifted across from the final stove position by the inclusion of a 500 mm length between two 45 degree off set elbow components. An additional inspection door was included in the 1000 mm length which exited the stove from the top of the 90 T & cap which was fire cemented in to the collar at the rear of the stove. The rear exit liberates the whole top of the wood stove for cooking or just boiling a kettle for a brew.
The complete kit £588

The kit included the following flue parts and was for a Hobbit stove on a stand with an exit through the corrugated tin roof. The log cabin flue kit therefore includes the silicone flashing and fixing kit along with the following flue components;

Virelux 100mm

Qty Product
1 90 T
1 Cap
1 250mm
1 500mm
1 1000mm with door
2 30 degree elbow
6 Joint clip

HT-S 125mm

Qty Product
1 Single to twin adaptor ( to join to 100mm vit)
1 1m
1 Adjustable wall band 100-300
1 Trim plate
1 Anti down draught cowl.


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