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Wood fuel online – Reviews of the best ‘ecologs’ available online.


We have taken the best ecolog products available online today and given them a trial in our Hobbit stove. Our test was to determine which performed the best in 5 areas.

  1. Log Lighting – How easy were the logs to light at the start or when refuelling your stove?
  2. Log Flame brightness – How bright and for how long was there a bright flame?
  3. Log Burn time – How long do the logs burn for?
  4. Log Heat output – How hot do the logs burn?
  5. Log Storage – How easy are the logs to store and transport?

We gave each a rating out of 5. Each product in turn then given an overall rating out of 5.

Our aim is give the wood stove user a helpful resource to see how the products out there really do perform in reality. With the dryness and quality of ‘real’ logs being so varied the market for ‘ecolog’ products is certainly on the rise so working out which are the best value logs to buy is a good idea.

We have tested them all out in our Hobbit stove to see how user friendly each ecolog product is. This information will help you select the best choice of wood fuel for your wood burner. We have asked the simple questions that we thought you would want the answers to when it comes to buying wood fuel online.

If you are fed of buying rubbish wet logs from the garage or dodgy log merchants then consider the benefits of switching to burning ecologs in your wood burner. They have a very low moisture content which makes them easier to light, burn hotter and cleaner and leave virtually no deposit in your chimney or chimney liner.


Online wood fuel review No.1 – HOTMAX FUEL LOGS.

hotmax fuel logs review

Online wood fuel review No.2 – VERDO WOOD BRIQUETTE LOGS.

buy wood fuel online

Online wood fuel review No.3 – UK HEAT LOGS

online woodfuel review

Online wood fuel review No.4 – CERTAINLY WOOD HEAT LOGS.

logs online

Online wood fuel review No.5 – SAURIDA WOOD SAWDUST LOGS

online wood fuel review