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The home of the Hobbit® stove

Client:Salamander Garden Room
Date:June 27, 2014

Garden Rooms and Amazing sheds

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Amazing sheds and garden rooms, cabins and outside offices at home have grown in popularity. To use the space all year round a wood stove can give the space a feeling of a real ‘home from home’.

amazing sheds

With many more people working from home, the need to create a home ‘office’ space has increased. This has led to an increased demand for garden rooms and cabins at the bottom of the garden. This maintains a healthy balance and distinction between home life and the office. With most of these spaces being off grid the question arises “I want to use my office all year round, but how am I going to heat the space”? With wood burning being the most cost effective form of heating , in addition to being carbon neutral, installing a small wood burning stove makes great sense in this situation. The stove will supply heat, cooking potential as well as real homely feel to the atmosphere. Before you know it you will be living at the bottom of the garden like a pixie!

To help install your Hobbit stove into your garden room or cabin we have designed a special range of tailor made flue kits . Each flue kit comprising all the components needed to install the stove.

In this setting you may want to add the additional height and fuel storage capacity that is achieved by incorporating the Hobbit stand in your installation. The stand adds 6” height and therefore presence of the stove in the space. The stand allows logs to be stored underneath the stove, which can be helpful when space is at a premium.

The Hobbit will need to be sited upon a non combustible hearth with a minimum thickness of 12mm.

amazing sheds

See our garden room stove fitting kits

Visit the blog for a blow by blow photo shoot of a Hobbit stove installation in other small spaces.

One of the most dramatic locations you can see one of our Hobbit stoves in action is in an amazing spot called ‘The Edge’. You can book a night perched on the edge of Whitsand Bay in Cornwall and at the same time try out our little Hobbit stove.


garden room stove

Visit the gallery to see some other installations in some more small stove in amazing spaces

amazing spaces and amazing sheds



  • Q: How close to the wall can I sit the Hobbit stove in my cabin?

    If the combustible wall is shielded with a non combustible material 25 mm thick that has been fixed with a 15 mm air gap behind, then the stove can be within 200mm.
    The vermiculite shielding can be either painted or covered with mild or stainless steel.
    The distance from combustible materials is 400 mm, to sides and top.