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Get your tiny stove before May 2019
and get the ZIPPO and Mini-O addons FREE

The Tiny Salamander Stove

The Tiny Salamander Stove has been designed to fit the amazing ‘small’ spaces that people are now designing and building all over the world.

It is also scaled to fit into most ornate cast iron surrounds so that these lovely period features can be preserved. The inefficiency of an open fire can be replaced with an efficient stove whilst retaining the original fireplace.

The Hobbit stove is a small multi fuel stove and is able to burn wood and coal.

Available as a standard or SE model for smoke control zones.

Available “stove options” can be added when ordering the stove

The standard Hobbit stove is suitable for the vast majority of applications. If however you live in a smoke control zone and want to burn smokeless fuels and wood you will need the Hobbit SE DEFRA APPROVED model

Get yours before May 2019 and
get these great additions FREE!

ZIPPO Lighter

The Zippo Lighter

Start your fire with this limited edition ZIPPO lighter. Armour cased, these lighters are a design classic and are cool little woodstove accessory.

We have had 50 made especially for us by ZIPPO in the USA. A full colour image of our tiny wood stove has been embossed onto the side of this reliable lighter.

We chose a heavy weight case in polished chrome for that real touch of class.

Worth £35

Mini-O USB power generator

The Mini-O Generator

Simply fill with water and place on your woodburning or camping stove and you soon start to produce your own electricity.

Included in this special introductory off is a handy USB cable desk/camping/off grid lamp. Charge your phone and see the light with the new MiniO power generator.

Power from your woodburner.

Worth £64.95

Free Zippo and Mini-O with every online stove order until May 2019 Get yours now