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Free White Enamel Cookware Set (worth £49.95)
With every online tiny Hobbit Stove order

The Tiny Salamander Stove

The Tiny Salamander Stove has been designed to fit the amazing ‘small’ spaces that people are now designing and building all over the world.

It is also scaled to fit into most ornate cast iron surrounds so that these lovely period features can be preserved. The inefficiency of an open fire can be replaced with an efficient stove whilst retaining the original fireplace.

The Hobbit stove is a small multi fuel stove and is able to burn wood and coal.

Available as a standard or SE model for smoke control zones.

Available “stove options” can be added when ordering the stove

The standard Hobbit stove is suitable for the vast majority of applications. If however you live in a smoke control zone and want to burn smokeless fuels and wood you will need the Hobbit SE DEFRA APPROVED model

Free White Enamel Cookware Set
with every online tiny Hobbit Stove order

FREE - White Enamel Cookware Set

Cast iron enamel cookware has always been the choice for the discerning stove top chef. Our white cast iron cook pot is in white outside and non-stick white enamel on the inside. The salamander cook pot is a heavy weight piece of culinary kit ideal for all types of stove top cooking. This is not a light weight version but a ‘Le Crueset’ quality item, that will give you years of great service.

Each cooking pot has Salamander in relief across the lid and comes complete with a cast iron salamander stove trivet. The trivet, also emblazened with the Salamander name, is the perfect companion to the cook pot as it can be used to regulate the cooking speed. In conjunction with the burn rate of the stove itself, it is a combination which allows much more control over the cooking speed and therefore a greater number of recipes and stove top cooking methods can be enjoyed. As well as soups and stews , the pot is great for roasting pork ribs, lamb shank or other joints of meat.

1 x large cast iron white enamel pot with lid
1 x square white cast iron trivet

Worth £49.95