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Latest Tiny Stove Recipes

Salamander Stoves Cooking on the Salamander Hobbit - Chilli Sauce

Stove top Chilli sauce – Hot stuff from the Hobbit kitchen.

Chilli sauce is the perfect sauce to have bubbling away on your wood stove as it keeps you warm. The great way to store a little heat for later as your chilli sauce can be jarred up and will keep in the fridge for a week. Chilli sauce is brilliant when spooned over nachos, cheese on t
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Hobbit powered fish pie!

Cooking fish pie on a woodburning stove. Locally sourced Devon fish pie with peas and carrot and thyme bread. Fish pie is arguably one of the most comforting dishes ever invented. The perfect choice for a slightly chilly and blustery Saturday in May. Buy your fish from your local fish
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cooking on a wood stove

Hobbit powered Lamb stew. – Cooking on your wood burning stove.

Using our new Hobbit cast iron cook pot we are spending today cooking up a delicious lamb stew. All of the heat for the cooking is coming from our little multi fuel Hobbit stove. To brown the chunks of lamb you start with the stove running at a good rate and then by closing the air co
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What have you cooked on your wood burner today?

Get a lovely warm soup recipe for your small stove - Cooking potato and leek soup on the hobbit stove
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The Woodburner Kitchen Blog

Cooking on a Hobbit Stove

Whilst the Hobbit stove is excellent at providing warmth it is also great for cooking or boiling a kettle. The ‘Woodburner Kitchen‘ shows the Hobbit in action, cooking up a storm. Read the Woodburner Kitchen Blog Here
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