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Shepherds hut flue kit -traditional look

£468.00 inc.VAT

Shepherds hut flue kit in black power coated twin wall flue parts for a more traditional looking shepherds hut stove installation


This kit differs from the the other shepherds hut flue kit listed at £418, because this one has black powder coated exterior elements which makes it look more traditional but unfortunately the additional coating adds £50 to the price.

This flue kit is a combination of single skin and double skin flue pipe. It incorporates a roof flashing which is designed especially for the corrugated profile as it has a flexible edge. The roof flashing comes with a fixing kit. The untraditional finish of the terracotta colour can be changed by painting or by the addition of the alluminium storm collar. The larger hole inside the hut is finished with an internal trim plate. The single skin pipe attaches to the 500mm length of double skin flue via the single to double adaptor. The rain cap will sit on top of the 500mm length externally.

The full kit comprises the following components.

1000 mm length single skin flue pipe black

500 mm length single skin flue pipe black with door.

joint clip

single wall to twin wall flue adaptor

trim plate

support bracket

500 mm twin wall flue pipe in black

300mm twin wall flue length in black

rain cap in black

Silicone boot roof flashing

flashing fixing kit

Storm collar in black

High temperature silicone

Fire cement

If you want to liberate the full extent of the cooking area on top of your stove then include the rear exit kit (90 T&cap+clip)


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