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The home of the Hobbit® stove

Client:Small stoves for Canal Boats
Date:June 27, 2014

Canal Boat Stove

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Canal Boat Stove

Canal boats due to their space management challenges have become a familiar home for a Hobbit stove. Either in the main lounge or fitted in the back cabin, the compact proportions of the little stove make it a more suitable solid fuel heating solution than bigger stoves such as the Morso 1410.

The Hobbit is now installed by boat builders and individual boat owners alike who want to max out the space they have and find the stove fits where others will not.
In response to greater calls for boat safety regarding the installation of solid fuel stoves Salamander stoves have developed a complimentary stove flue kit to facilitate installing the little stove in accordance with the code of practice BS 8511:2010, which requires the flue exiting the cabin to be twin wall insulated.

Colin, a keen boater on the K&A canal, installed a Hobbit stove in 2013 using the flue kit. Colin and Nicola had a cupboard at the front of their livaboard boat ‘Touchstone’ which they wanted to replace for the added warmth it would give to the front cabin by having a stove fitted there. The problem, that whilst the solid fuel range fitted in the galley of the boat was great, it did not provide the comfort, focus and warmth supplied by a solid fuel stove with a big picture window. Colin documented the fitting in pictures and the job was finished in a day. The pictures show the various components used with the twin wall pipe exiting through the 3 slice cast iron deck flanges, which in turn are covered by the powder coated cover. The removable twin walled top section has an attachable rain cap. All of these components are also powder coated for a great looking finish and longer life.

  • A small cast iron stove traditionally styled with brass or chrome fittings
  • Galley rail and back boiler options.
  • Installation kits to BS8511:2010

This British Standard code of practice was published by BSi in Feb 2010 and came into effect in Feb 2011. The code covers appliance selection, design considerations, installation requirements (including chimney arrangements), inspection and testing, and necessary safety information concerning maintenance and the safe use of solid fuel appliances on boats. A summary of this code can be seen below.

Additional information


The Solid Fuel Technology Institute (Soliftec) have produced some simple guidance which describes what installing to the new BSi code means in practice

Click here for Canal Boat Stove additional instructions

Boat Flue stove Guidance PDF

The Canal Boat Safety Scheme

The Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) was established by British Waterways and the Environment Agency to promote all aspects of safety on boats on inland waterways.

The BSS website contains a great deal of information on all aspects of safety in respect of boats, their installations and components.
Click here to link to BSS website