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The home of the Hobbit® stove

Client:Colin's Coastal Cabin
Date:May 28, 2014

Colin’s Coastal Cabin – Small Spaces

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Small spaces with big potential are now more popular than ever. People are converting buses, making shepherds huts, tiny homes, tree houses or are just turning the shed at the bottom of the garden in to a multi functional usable space.

  • Would you like to make a focal point in your small space?
  • Would you like to heat your small space in the winter months?
  • How will you make a cup of tea when your small space is ‘off-grid’?

The solution to having that focal point, to using your small space all year round and to making a hot brew is simple, install a small wood burning stove. This carbon neutral off-grid heating and cooking solution is perfect, as it also brings to the space, a real feeling of comfort.

The Hobbit stove has the ideal proportions to suit a wide range of small spaces.

The vast array of ‘Tiny homes’ is also growing and in the USA, there is now has a very wide real and virtual following. Our Hobbit stove has been sent to many tiny homeowners and you can read first hand their experience having installed a Hobbit stove. ‘Tiny home with a hobbit installed”