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Latest Tiny Stove Recipes

T1000 small stove toasting fork closeup

The T1000 Small Stove Toasting Fork

The original articulated hands-free stovetop and campfire toasting fork! We are incredibly excited to launch our brand new product, the T1000 toasting fork! The T1000 is a modern, precision-engineered toasting fork with a high quality enamelled base. It can be used with almost any sma
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Recipe: Wood-Fired Kalamata Olive and Sun-Dried Tomato Bread

With the weather battering the house recently and there being little prospect of making it into the garden to get any jobs done, what else could be better than making some fresh, wood-fired bread in the oven of our Little Range Cook Stove!? A perfect excuse to experience the joy of pr
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cooking on a small stove

Recipes for the Little Range stove – Banana mini cup cakes

Recipes for the Little Range stove Banana mini cup cakes Baking is a great way to relax and the Little Range stove has a great oven perfect for the job. If you fancy a sweet treat then these banana cup cakes are brilliant as they only take 30 mins from start to finish. Ingredients 2
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small stove that recycles it's packaging

Recycle your small stove packaging – Turn it into a small garden

Do not just throw away the packaging that your Hobbit stove comes in. Instead turn the polystyrene inner shell and outer wooden box into a planter! Step 1. Drill some holes in the top ( soon to be the bottom) of your wooden Hobbit packaging box. This will stop water collecting at the
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tiny wood cook stove

Top 5 ‘………on toast’ taste sensations from your tiny wood stove- My best 5 toast’al toppings.

One of the simplest things you can make using your tiny wood stove is toast. Place a lovely slice of homemade bread on a toasting fork and offer it up to your tiny wood stove. The heat will soon have toasted up your bread so that it is ready to lay down and be smothered in a tasty top
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tiny wood stove making humous

Roasted beetroot humous from the tiny wood stove.

Use your tiny wood stove to make a delicious toast topping taste sensation. ROASTED BEETROOT HOUMOUS. Ingredients; 1 x bunch of 2/3 medium/small beetroots – Fresh beetroot from Sainsburys 500g for £1.50 is enough for 2 batches! or you can easily grow your own if you have a small
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baking bread in my small wood cookstove

Baking bread and pizza in a tiny wood stove.

Baking bread and pizza in a tiny wood stove.   Having an oven on the side of my Hobbit stove has given me so much more potential when it comes to wood stove cooking. An oven gives you the ability to bake bread and most joyous of all, bake pizza. Obviously a wood fired oven where
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cooking on a tiny woodstove

Turn your tiny wood stove into a tiny cookstove with a cast iron cook pot.

Turn your tiny wood stove into a tiny cookstove with a cast iron cook pot. If you have a wood stove, a trivet and a good heavy cast iron cooking pot with a lid then you have the opportunity to change your woodstove into a cookstove! By placing a trivet inside a cast iron cooking pot y
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cooking on a small wood cookstove

The Great Wood burner Bake Off. – Bread and cakes from your wood stove.

If your wood stove has an oven that reaches a temperature of 200 degrees C then will be able to bake both bread and cakes. Normally only solid fuel cooking ranges like Rayburn’s or Aga’s can produce sufficient oven temperatures to actually make baking in the oven possible.
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muurla pan for using on your wood stove

Small wood cookstove review – Muurla leaves motif enamel cookware

On a great trip down to Brighton to see Rosie over the weekend I picked up a lovely new toy for ongoing testing of my small wood cookstove. The MUURLA ENAMEL MILK PAN . I love the retro design and the Scandinavian simplicity of this range which is ideal for using on a wood cook stove.
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small wood cookstove baking pies

Steak and Devon ale pie – Powered by the Salamander small wood cookstove.

I just used my small wood cookstove to make a delicious steak and Devon ale short crust pastry pie. Firstly, I fried of the beef with a little olive oil on the stove hotplate. This initial sealing of the meat gives the beef a little colour and added flavour. Use a heavy cost iron pot
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tiny wood cookstove cooking

Small wood cookstoves review – What can your small cook stove actually cook!

Are you thinking of installing a small wood cookstove in your cabin or tiny home? Which small wood cookstove best suits your needs? First is to check that the wood cookstove is independently tested. How else will you know how much heat output it provides. How close it can go to combus
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cooking fish stew on a woodstove

Cacciucco – Food for the people cooked on a wood stove.

Cacciucco – Italian fish stew. Translates as ‘bits and pieces’ or what was in the net that day. Fish & tomato or veg stew is a ubiquitous classic, coined in Italy as ‘Cacciucco‘ but found around the world. A dish that unites the common man …
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tiny wood stove free competition


WIN A ZIPPO LIGHTER IN OUR FREE COMPETITION WHICH STARTS TODAY GUESS HOW MANY FIRE LIGHTERS ARE IN THE CANVAS LOG BAG? Have a go at trying to guess how many Hobbit stove firelighters you think there are in the green canvas log bag. ??????????????????????????????????? It is FREE to
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cooking on a tiny stove

Cooking up a new year feast on the wood stove

To celebrate the lunar new year we cooked up an anglo-asian fusion on our wood stove today. Starting this morning in the Salamander tiny wood stove kitchenwe cooked an english style breakfast served with a jasmine and green tea brew. My new high sided frying pan from Prestige is a bri
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cooking on a tiny woodstove

Cooking on a wood stove – What do I need?

COOKING ON A WOODSTOVE Cooking anything on a tiny woodstove, even boiling a kettle on some stoves, can be a real challenge. It takes a little time and skill to perfect the balance of stove temperature with cooking timings and methods. For the best wood burner cooking results you must
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cooking on a woodburning stove

Sun gold scorpion sauce – Ketchup craziness from your tiny woodstove

Sun gold scorpion sauce is a glorious golden tomato and chilli ketchup you will want to have on everything. Pour some sunshine and spice on your life…… with sun gold scorpion sauce. Made using sun gold cherry tomatos and scorpion chillies which are home grown here in Ogwel
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best place for a coffee in Newton Abbot

pasta italiano – Dippiu, Newton Abbot is the place for pasta.

Today we enjoyed a relaxing late lunch at the best little coffee shop in Newton Abbot….Dippiu. Owned and run by Antonio. We picked up a sumptuous bag of pasta which we would cook up later for our supper. The pasta was dressed with a fabulous freshly picked tomato sauce that Gil
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cooking on a tiny wood stove range

Cooking on a tiny wood stove – Breakfast celebrity special.

Cooking on a tiny wood stove – Breakfast celebrity special. EGGY CRUMPETS WITH JAMIE Even the great and the good enjoy cooking on a woodstove. This recipe is very special as it features a real celebrity!! No,…not Jamie Oliver, the famous chef and campaigner for better hea
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