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The home of the Hobbit® stove

Client:Small Stoves for Caravans
Date:June 27, 2014

Caravan Case Studies

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Small Stoves for Mobile Homes and Caravans

Installing a tiny stove in a caravan or mobile home
Installing a small Hobbit stove in a mobile home or caravan can provide the space with a real focus. This case study shows how in a modern touring van the addition of a Hobbit stove has matched with and enhanced the modern interior.
  • Replace the damp feeling in your van this winter with the warmth of a wood stove
  • Keep warm and cook your tea on a Hobbit. A great off-grid solution.

This gallery shows how in this case, the tiny stove was incorporated into the space with clever use of the available area above the wheel arch.

The area around the stove has been shielded with a vermiculite board to protect the combustible surfaces. The flue system is a combination of single skin and twin wall flue. The roof flashing is a high temperature silicone rubber – dektite 206.

A modern touring van is now an amazing small space that feels like a proper tiny home, such is the allure of a living flame.

In this type of situation where the available volume of air is small and the space airtight , to prevent a lack of air for combustion or as a precautionary step against a potential build up of carbon monoxide, a DIRECT AIR INTAKE is an advisable addition. (It is a mandatory addition to stoves fitted in to this type of space in the USA.)

This optional feature has an air feed directly linked to the outside and feeds air to both the primary and secondary inlets to maintain maximum airflow control.