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Canal Boat Stove Fitting Kit 2

£635.00 inc.VAT

Everything you need to fit the Hobbit stove into a canal boat. This kit 2 has an AD cowl rather than the standard rain cap

We have brought together the decorative traditional style of installing a small multi fuel stove on a canal boat and married it with a top of the range British made flue parts. A British made single and twin wall flue system utilising British made traditionally ‘spun’ metal parts, designed by myself, which we have traditionally styled and powder coated black for durability.

Our aim was to make an attractive , efficient and safe system for installing canal boat stoves with both a 4″ and or 5″ flue outlet in accordance with BS:8511:2010 but fully appreciate the difficulty of always following the standard exactly to the letter in every individual small craft and individual set of installation circumstances.

This is the perfect canal boat flue kit for installing both the Morso Squirrel 1410 stove or the Hobbit stove in to your canal boat, dutch barge or wide beam. Please specify that it is a 5″ kit in order notes if applicable.

Visit the case study page to see a full gallery of photos showing this flue kit being installed.

canal boat flue kit


Everything you need to fit the Hobbit stove into a canal boat.

We have designed this canal boat stove installation kit to be a happy blend of the BS: 8511 Advisory standard for fitting stoves on boats with an eye on maintaining the traditional feel of the flue kit above deck. This is powder coated black. It is therefore a blend of single skin flue pipe from the stove, converting approximately 150 mm from the exit point into twin wall insulated flue pipe. This twin wall insulated flue pipe exits the cabin through the void and connects to a removable top section above the cast iron deck flange and storm collar. Where the single skin pipe is closer than 300 mm to a combustible surface then this will need to be shielded or an additional length of the twin wall flue added to this kit. This twin wall section is supported by a close fitting collar which fits over the pipe and is sandwiched between the top two layers of the deck flange. This then connects with the adaptor which in turn connects to the tapering black powder coated top section. There is a powder coated plug and a powder coated rain cap for either operation, removal or closure.

Read our case study on fitting the hobbit small stove into a canal boat

The Canal Boat Stove Fitting kit includes

Qty Product
1 1000 mm single skin
1 250 mm
2 15 degree elbows
3 joint clips
1 single to twin adaptor
2 300 mm twin wall length black
1 trim plate
1 support flange
1 3pc cast iron deck flange
1 500mm twin wall flue black
1 locking band
1 AD cowl in black
1 powder coated winter closure stub cap
1 powder coated spun storm collar
1 Rear exit kit
1 heat proof silicone
1 Fire cement

7 CANAL BOAT flue installation guide
10 Soliftec Installing-stoves-on-boats
6 CANAL BOAT stove fitting supplement0901 additional instructions


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