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The home of the Hobbit® stove

Client:Small Stoves fitted to Existing Fireplaces
Date:April 04, 2019

The Hobbit Woodburning Stove

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Using your existing fireplace?

How to retain your existing fireplace and fit a new Tiny Stove

Do you have an existing fireplace and want to fit a small stove? One of the issues when you fit a stove to an existing fireplace is getting it to fit into the fireplace without destroying the tiles and surround. The destruction of your existing fireplace is quite often, the reason a lot of folk do not install a wood burning stove.

We have the ideal solution! Our tiny stove measures only 302mm wide, 272mm deep and 465mm high… and yet will output over 4Kw heat – perfect for that small fireplace. You can keep your existing fireplace and with minimal modification, have our tiny woodburning stove fitted very quickly and easily.

With the addition of our existing chimney flue fitting kit you can have your new tiny stove up and running in a jiffy! We have full UK coverage of suppliers and fitters of our tiny stove to help you at every stage and give great advice.

See our Installation Flue Kits

Our Flue Kits for Small Stoves are designed specifically to take the hassle out of ordering ‘Flue Parts’. No more guessing or worrying if you have ordered the correct parts for your new or existing stove!


Here’s a lovely example of a tiny fireplace with our small stove fitted – These ‘before and after‘ photos show the original fireplace has not been affected:

tiny hobbit stove installed in an existing fireplace

Here’s some more small fireplaces where our tiny stove has been fitted and works perfectly; without destroying the existing fireplace:

Reasons to keep your existing small fireplace:

  • Retain the originality of your fireplace – Original tiles are classic and a shame to destroy
  • Keep your fireplace in keeping with your rooms style
  • Keep your options open… you can always go back to a fireplace
  • You can easily take your tiny stove with you if you move house or want to move it to another room
  • Add some new style to your room (our tiny stoves come in many colours and have many options!)
  • We have a DEFRA approved version of our Hobbit stove suitable if you live in a smoke control zone
  • Save on installation and re-decorating costs!
  • UK Supplier and support – we are always available for a chat 🙂 Tel: 01626 363507

How can we help?

Our little Hobbit Stove is the choice for small spaces. It’s a tiny stove but still manages to pack a 4Kw punch and will warm up any room in no time. We have lots of stove options and colours to fit your decor including a great stainless steel cook top option, to make it even easier to use your tiny stove for cooking!

See what some of our customers say about our tiny stove and catch up with our social channels for read more feedback from our customers